Burping Bovines

24 Junie 2009

Gistermiddag ry ek Spar toe om…ahem…my stukkie rooivleis vir die aand te gaan koop.  Dis toevallig nuustyd, en ek luister aandagtig na al die berigte van moord en doodslag en korrupsie.  Dit was egter die laaste brokkie nuus wat my amper die kar laat omsmyt het.  Wetenskaplikes in Kanada probeer ‘n nuwe soort bees teel wat nie soveel ‘methane emissions’ vrystel nie. WTF??  Ja, blykbaar is beeste se burps (en farts) verantwoordelik vir 75 % van die wêreld se ‘methane emissions and have a major impact on global warming’.

As ‘n jong, opkomende Farm Town boerin – wat dadelik die snaakse hik-bewegings van ons koeie raakgesien het – moes ek dit gaan Google.  En ja, dis al stokou nuus – net ek wat nie daarvan geweet het nie.  Ek reken dit sal veiliger wees om eerder op gewasse te fokus, of dan hoenders, want sommige regerings het praatjies oor ‘burp and fart tax’?  :shock: Beeste burp, skape fart, maar moenie varke en bokke weggooi nie.

Altering a cow’s diets has already reduced their methane emissions by 25 percent, but now the boffins are looking at the genes responsible for methane rich burps.   (Lees hele berig hier.)

Nog een:

File this one under “I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.” After all the endless moaning and wailing by environmentalists and other assorted leftist nut-jobs that humans are mucking up the environment and causing the worst warming trend in history, a new study shows that cow shit and cow farts are far more to blame.

In fact, the United Nations Food & Agricultural Association claims that the world’s 1.5 billion cows are worse then all the cars, planes, and all other forms of transportation PUT TOGETHER. Apparently, cows are so dangerous because their “emissions” contain methane gas—a substance thought to heat the atmosphere twenty times more than the carbon dioxide that usually gets all of the press.

Cows are believed to account for one third of all the world’s methane emissions, and therefore the tasty beef-supplying critters are responsible for all the most heinous crimes against the environment: acid rain, desertification, and, of course, the destruction of coral reefs. Surprisingly, the cows themselves have nothing to say in their defense, other than “Mooo shit.”

In a related report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that humans are doing less damage to the environment then previously thought. Mankind’s influence on Global Warming has been reduced by 25% and expected rises in sea level have been cut by half.

En nog:

“Well, the average Joe, when he goes to the supermarket and buys any kind of dairy product or beef or pork is going to end up paying through the nose to pay for the cow fart tax,” Sensenbrenner said.

He said the issue was “no laughing matter,” and blamed a Supreme Court decision giving the EPA wide leverage for regulate greenhouse gases and emissions for leading to the current situtation.

“Now, you know, I wonder if the EPA is going to say you can get an exemption from this tax if you put a catalytic converter on each end of the cow,” he said. “I wonder what the Humane Society would say about that.”

Nou het ek alles gehoor.

Ons taak is duidelik:  EET die boosdoeners sodat daar minder van hulle is om te poep!  :mrgreen:

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